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My Favorite Gear for Travelers

The Complete Guide to Packing for Travel

Pack your bags and get ready to explore the world with our travel gear! From backpacks, carry-ons and suitcases, we have everything you need to make your trip a success.

What Gear Do I Carry with Me Everywhere I Go?

Most people are usually surprised when they find out that I travel with so little stuff! 

I take very little gear because I don’t want to be held back by a load of stuff that I can probably pick up when I’m away, if I need to. When I travel, I want to feel at home and not be uncomfortable, so it’s not like I take nothing with me, I’m just selective.

The best part about traveling with my gear, though there isn’t much of it, is that it’s always organized and readily available for use. I seldom need to use porterage services that are often paid-for as my bags usually aren’t that heavy.

Most of my stuff is double-duty too, so bear that in mind when you prep for your own travels. 

How to Pack Comfortably in Carry-On Only Bags

Packing for a vacation or trip can be a hassle. But with the right packing list and items, it can be done in no time.

It is important to pack efficiently to avoid excess baggage fees. This means that you will need to pack light and compact. Airline carry on only bags are the perfect way to do this as they are designed to fit into the overhead compartment of an airplane or under your seat.

In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to pack comfortably in carry-on only bags and show you a list of items that should be included on your packing list every time you travel!

Backpack v Roll on

This is obviously down to personal choice as to which one you choose. I personally favour a roll on – I’m not a big fan of being buried under a backpack, and I don’t find the huge travelling ones very stylish or even very practical for short haul trips. 

So for most trips I pack a roll on but I pack smart.

Have you heard of packing cubes? I was late to the game with these but they have changed everything. One cube for tops, one for bottoms, one ofe undies, one for shoes, so on and so forth. They compact all of your items so well that you can carry a lot more than using traditional packing methods! 

My aim is not to pack a lod of stuff I won’t use while I’m away, for a weekend or a month, so I’m very selective about the clothes I take.

For example, I always carry a base layer with me made of merino wool. Merino doens’t need to be washed very often, as it’s odour resistant. Now I don’t suggest you want to wear this day-in, day-out but it is very useful to have in case the weather changes for the worse as it is not a bulky item to pack, unlike jumpers or heavy coats. Also, they can do double duty as pyjamas if you so wish. 

I usually wear or take with me a couple of uniqlo heattech t-shirts for the same reason. They take up no space, but are really useful underneath other items for added warmth, or even so you don’t have to take such a heavy coat with you.

Shoes- I always wear a bulkier style of shoe for travelling- for many reasons! I don’t want to be jogging through an airport in stilettos if I got caught in security and need to rush through to get a coffee before my gate is called. Not to mention travelling on ferries or trains- heels for me just aren’t practical. But I do take one pair of dress shoes with me. Stuff your mini toiletries into thin plastic bags, then inside the shoes to save space.


I have some specific skin care items that I like to use so these get pride of place in my carry on. Find yourself a sponge bag that accomodates all the bottles and pots you like to take. I have a roll style bag that I use as all of my products are in dropper bottles, so fitting them into a traditional bag wastes a lot of space and doesn’t protect the glass of the bottles. 

When I travel I like to use toothpaste tabs and a compostable toothbrush. The tabs mean I don’t need to worry about a tube of paste leaking, it doesn’t count as part of your fluids allowance, and they can be decanted into a small pot if you are only going away for a few days. You can confidently throw away your compostible toothbrush into a recycling bin on your way home and have a tiny little bit less weight in your bag!


I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to haircare to be honest! I always travel with a shampoo bar instead of traditional shampoo. Again, it won’t leak and it doesn’t count as part of your fluid allowance. I don’t take a hairdryer for my long hair, but I do carry a styling brush and a rechargeable wireless curler. If my hotel or apartment doesn’t have a hairdryer, I can still make myself look presentable with the curler, and it’s smaller than my hairdryer. 

You can find pretty small travel hairdryers, but I’ve never tried one strong enough to actually style my hair which tends on the side of wazy frizz.


Adventure Gear

Obviously, this depends on the adventure! When I ski, for instance, there’s no comfortable way to pack only in a carry on for a week away. I could wear my ski outfit but I don’t want to be that hot to travel! 

I also prefer to use my own ski boots so I have to carry them with me- and ski boots in a roll on bag would leave no space for anything else. 

Ditto surfing- we usually take the camper surfing in the UK, so packing the boards isn’t a problem. For surfing abroad, I would ditch the hassle and hire when I got there, like I do with skis. 

I haven’t done a lot of hiking abroad as yet, so I don’t know what I would do with my poles and so forth – probably get some fold-up ones which actually would also be useful for some trail running courses. 

Anyway, the good thing is, you can usually buy or hire adventure stuff at your destination. Also consider how much you will be taking part in an activity- there isn’t much point travelling with a snorkel, for example, if snorkelling will only be a couple of days of your holiday. However, if the main point of your trip is to run a marathon in another city, remember your trainers, chafing cream, particular snacks you like, and a cute outfit to run in!

Really, packing depends on the situation. Before your trip, think about your planned activities, and make a list of what you think you will need. Set everything out on the list and see how compatible it is with how you want to travel.

From there, it’s a question of compromise. If you are only planning one fancy dinner out in a week, maybe don’t take the killer heels and amazing dress if it means you won’t have space for necessities. Instead plan seperates that can be used on other days through the trip, and take smart shoes you can wear to several occasions. 

There isn’t a one size fit’s all approach, really.    



Traveling is always a fun experience. It is a time when you can explore new places, people and cultures. But it also takes some preparation to travel without any hassles.

The most important thing to do when packing for a trip is to make sure that your luggage is not too heavy or too bulky so that you can easily carry it around. You should also pack clothes that are appropriate for the weather of your destination and enough underwear and socks in case something goes wrong with your laundry service.

In addition, don’t forget to pack things like a map of the city, an offline translator app, medication and any other items you might need during your travels such as contact lens solution or sunglasses with UV protection.


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