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Self Confidence for Introverted Travellers

Self Confidence for Introverted Travellers

I’m the last person to suggest that someone who is introverted lacks in self confidence- I know I certainly don’t!

However, as a traveller of any kind, it’s important that you do feel confident, as situations can crop up that need to be dealt with, and being in different situations can feel a little daunting. Even more so if you are in an unfamiliar culture or know little of the local language.

Of course, the confidence you build while dealing with these situations is where your strength comes from. But is there anything you can do at home regularly to build you up a little, to prepare you for whatever comes your way?

There sure is! 

I like to test my confidence levels by taking on challenging hobbies. Now, what is challenging for me might not be challenging for you! Take this list of suggestions and run wild with your own. Whatever will push you out of that comfort zone is what you are looking for.

Hobbies are optional activities, so they should be fun. But hobbies can also provide other benefits, like greater self-confidence.

Imagine an activity you enjoy that also has the potential to enhance other parts of your life.

That’s a powerful activity!

Read on for some suggestions of confidence building hobbies to try:



Dancing is a fantastic exercise, and a lot of fun! Whether dancing alone or as a couple, in a group or formation, dancing is an activity than even people with two left feet can enjoy. Lots of people find it intimidating or scary to dance in front of others. Developing your dance skills can do a lot to boost your confidence and social life.

  • You’ll no longer have to sit on the sidelines refusing all invitations
  • Dancing is a great cardio fitness
  • You might make some new friends, if you want to


Not many people have the nerve to go skydiving. Even fewer have the nerve to do it a second time!

  • Tandem skydives can be arranged with very little training- because your instructor does all the technical stuff
  • You can raise a little money for charity if you are so minded
  • Knowing that you voluntarily jump out of a plane while others are too afraid to even consider it is great for your confidence.

Stand-up comedy.

Getting up in front of a crowd is hard enough for us introverts, but delivering a tight five of your own material in front of a bunch of drunk strangers requires nerves of steel.

  • There are numerous classes and workshops that will teach you the basics and help you along. You might be the next Seinfeld or Dave Chappelle.
  • The thrill and rush of performing can become addictive – you might find yourself at every open mic night going


Martial arts.

Knowing that you can defend yourself at the drop of a hat will make anyone confident. Getting in shape and learning how to handle yourself in a dodgy situation is bound to be a confidence boost.

  • You can get fit and build your confidence simultaneously.
  • You have a legitimate excuse to watch Cobra Kai on Netflix.


Acting is another way of putting yourself out there with the risk of your performance being judged. Most people don’t have the nerve to get up on stage, but if you do, you’ll benefit from a great boost of confidence.

  • Acting in a local am dram group or class, is also a great way to make some new and interesting friends.
  • If you can learn to act, you can learn to act confident. So even if you don’t feel it, you can portray the feeling of confidence.


Public speaking.

In surveys, many people claim they fear public speaking more than death. That’s pretty scary! Mastering public speaking will bolster your confidence in ways you can’t imagine.

  • Toastmasters is a well-respected organization with an excellent training program for public speaking. It’s inexpensive, too.
  • Maybe performing poetry readings at the local coffee shop is more to your liking. See ‘I married an Axe Murder for a very contemporary reference.








Sing in a choir, record yourself in the shower for Tick Tock, or learn an instrument. If you can get up on stage, so much the better. Just being able to play Christmas carols on the piano for your friends will enhance your confidence.

  • If you know other people who play or sing, you can form a group. Again, a great confidence booster.


Do any of these hobbies appeal to you? Do you have any other ideas? Please use these ideas as a springboard to jumpstart your own. There are literally thousands of hobbies to choose from. Find one, or a few, that you’ll enjoy, and will also make you feel more confident.

Start making a list of possibilities and give a couple of them a try. You have nothing to lose and much confidence to gain. And as a traveller, you can’t have too much confidence!

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